Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my current job?

Absolutely. The CD is designed to be flexible enough to allow you to start by working part-time until you have developed enough business to work full time, if that is your ultimate goal.

How long does training and support last? will be with you every step of the way to make sure your business launches effectively and continues to grow through the years. The main goal of the initial training is to get every aspect of your new business set up. Ongoing support is there whenever you need it. Our experienced mentors can help you with any issues, provide market research, help you develop your business, or just be there as a professional mentor.

Do I need any prior experience to be successful?

No. We have very successful customers from all walks of life. If you are serious about the business and put in the time you will have a successful business. We give you everything you need - the devotion is up to you.

How much money can I make?

The wonderful thing about being in business for yourself is that you write your own paychecks. There are no limitations on your earnings. Some self-employed people make $20,000 annually and others make over $500,000 every year with our business plans.

Do I need to worry about the market becoming overcrowded with people?

Definitely not. Both the domestic and international markets are so huge that there will never be enough businesses to cover the entire market.

Do I need a special license?

Yes and No. Depending on where you start your business you may or may not be required to have a special license. If you are required to get a license our CD explains everything you need to acquire it.

How can I pay for the CD?

You can pay via credit card with or money order. Please click here to order. The CD will be shipped via USPS and should arrive in approximately five business days. The CD is sent in a Jewel CD case and bubble mailer. If you decide to purchase the eBook shipping and handling is free and you will be able to download the eBook instantly.

What is the difference between the CD-rom version and the eBook?

All of the information is the same, however, the bonus materials you will receive are different. If you order the eBook you will only receive Bonus #1. If you order the CD-rom version you receive all three of the bonuses we have to offer. These bonuses are extremely valuable and can generate you thousands in profits. Don't miss out on our bonus opportunities.